The Sow to Speak Podcast and Video Series

This show began in April of 2020 out of my linen closet (hence the former name, The Closet Series). Like many of us, I turned my closet into an office and began interviewing local business owners in my community in Central NY.

This was multi-intentional:

  1. to discuss meaningful topics so our community stayed connected
  2. to humanize the entrepreneur behind the business
  3. to keep our community’s economy thriving

The show naturally grew to invite nationwide cross-industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives to share their inspirational stories on how they got out of their heads so they could dive into doing meaningful work that lights them UP.

I also pop on with solo minisodes to share strategies that will support you in strengthening your emotional intelligence, presence, and mindset so you can do the same.

I’m glad you’re here.

You can check out the latest episodes of the podcast here. 

Season 2
Season 1